Why Give

Participating in Yale’s United Way campaign is a powerful way for the Yale community to come together and show that we are committed to improving the quality of life and economic opportunities for all the people who live and work in Greater New Haven.

As President Peter Salovey put it in his inaugural address, Yale University and New Haven are “forever coupled; our destiny is shared.”

The Yale community recognizes that United Way occupies a unique role among all the nonprofits in the area: the organization changes what’s possible for families and communities by working toward lasting solutions, not short-term charity, focusing on education, financial stability, and health. United Way tackles issues that cannot be solved by any one group working alone. United Way believes success is nurtured children, thriving families, and vibrant communities where everyone has opportunities to reach their full potential.

Last year, contributions from Yale University faculty and staff helped achieve the following results:

  • 200 chronically homeless individuals housed saving society $16,000 per person annually
  • 2,366 public school students have been served by United Way’s work in the New Haven Trauma Coalition
  • 4677 low income families received free tax return preparation which resulted in more than $9.1M in refunds for the 2015 tax year

President Salovey spoke eloquently about the Yale-United Way partnership at a Campaign event last year:

“We live in a city where we are seeing greater ranges of income disparity, housing disparity, education disparity, than ever before,” he said. “There are many ways to address these disparities, and one of them is raising money to help those who are the most vulnerable.”

“We’re not just helping those less fortunate in New Haven, but we are also doing something that celebrates our shared identity as members of the Yale community.”

For more information about how United Way of Greater New Haven is changing what’s possible for families and communities, visit uwgnh.org.