YUW Campaign Hits $1.27 M and Gets Ready to Go “Over the Edge”

February 12, 2020

Good news! Contributions to our YUW campaign has reached $1.27 M and we are steadily closing in on our campaign goal of $1.35 M. Your generosity assures that neighbors in our communities will have access to nutritious food, childcare, safe living environments, and resources to support their families. This is critical to building an inclusive and vibrant community for all.

Over the Edge
The YUW campaign co-chairs, Meghan Dahlmeyer and Fred Borelli, have announced that part of the FY20 YUW Core Committee budget will be used to support Yale fundraising efforts through special events held throughout the year. One of these special events is an urban rappelling fundraising event, managed by “Over the Edge,” a company that hosts innovative fundraising activities for non-profit organizations, like United Way. Read more about this United Way fundraiser.

On May 2, teams from various organizations or led by individuals will rappel down the Avangrid building in Orange, CT, to raise funds for the United Way of Greater New Haven. Each participating team has a fundraising minimum of $1,000. The YUW core committee will provide a $500 match to the first two Yale teams that reach a fundraising goal of $500. The only requirement is that the person who rappels is a Yale employee. 

YUW Champion Challenge
YUW Champions who sign up or create a Team Fundraising page by Friday, February 14th at 11:59 PM can use the promo code YUCHAMP to lower their registration fee to only $25! Register now for the adventure of a lifetime.  For more information please visit the Contact Us page.