Campaign Resources

Campaign 2023, Students with Yale Bulldog.

What Unites Us

There is no doubt that the generous contributions of Yale community members have brought about positive change in many lives. Equally impressive are the numerous ways that Yale faculty and staff —as volunteers—have connected with their community through one of the many programs sponsored by United Way.

Our department campaign champions have been a critical piece to our success, and this year is no exception. Champions are encouraged to explore the tools below for inspiration and ideas on how to meet this year’s fundraising goals through in-person, virtual, or hybrid activities.


In addition to utilizing the campaign materials listed below, promote your event and keep your colleagues engaged by:

Campaign Materials

Yale-United Way campaign champions can find all important campaign materials to share with their colleagues at the links below.

Visit United Way Workplace Campaigns for pledge forms, additional fun-raising ideas, email message templates, thank you notes, and more.